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​List of organizations

Organizations started or led by students in the Department of Kyoso (ISI).

This is a bulletin board where you can list.
Please use this site for readers to gather information, and for publishers to introduce their own activities and organizations. 
Please use it.

*Please note that the posted activities and organizations are not all-inclusive.
This is only a case of people agreeing to the message board on the Kyoso Student Net. 


​Student group Irodori

Agricultural products that are discarded by producers
Aiming to propose new usage methods,
Using dyed agricultural products
We create original goods.

Activity days: Irregular

Activity location: Center Building 5

​Number of members: 5

​Pasta place Koaji

A pasta restaurant that imagines “delicious” connections

Activity day: Third Saturday of every month

Activity location: Mullberry Coffee    

​Number of members: 2 (Co-representative)

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